Re[2]: Testing Web File Links?

Subject: Re[2]: Testing Web File Links?
From: Karla McMaster <mcmaster%pcmail -dot- cti-pet -dot- com -at- CTI-PET -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 15:59:17 EST

Eric...Thanks for the ideas. The response you've given works fine, except when
taking the alias into account. Oh well. Maybe I'll just have to risk putting
something out there that doesn't work. As far as structure and naming
conventions, the UNIX machine is case sensitive, which has caused some problems
in the past. Also, UNIX doesn't deal well with spaces in names. I've developed
naming rules to accommodate those restrictions. The structure is something I
have to adapt to the server. I can choose my own structre from the main links
off the home page on down. It's the links between the home page and the main
links that are at the discretion of the guy running the server.

Thanks again.

Karla McMaster, technical writer
CTI PET Systems, Inc., Knoxville, TN
mcmaster -at- cti-pet -dot- com
Subject: RE: Testing Web File Links?
From: eric%engagenet -dot- com -at- cti-pet -dot- com at _SMTP
Date: 12/4/96 13:41

>How do you all test your pages before putting them on the server?

Create a folder that has everything the web page is supposed to have.
All the html's, all the graphics, all the etc. Then, just name that folder
"test" and use whatever web browser to open the html files. Don't forget
that browsers can open regular everyday files--you don't actually have to
surf outside to go anyplace.

When everything within that test folder behaves like it should, then
copy the entire folder over to the server, rename the folder as
appropriate, and you're good to go. :)

The thing I would focus on is not recreating the directory structure of
some other machine but building your own structure on the Mac and
transferring the whole thing over to the UNIX machine in one big package.
If UNIX has some file folder naming restrictions different than the Mac
(one of which I heard of was that UNIX is either case sensitive to the nth
degree or only accepts lower case all the time) then just create those
UNIX-safe names on the Mac.
Hopefully you should be able to create freely on the Mac, then copy and
forget to the UNIX machine. :)

Eric Haddock ------ (temporary URL)
Engage Networks, Inc. --------
Technical writer in Milwaukee, WI

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