Re: Multi Browsers

Subject: Re: Multi Browsers
From: WRONECKI Frederic DG <frederic -dot- wronecki -at- FRANCETELECOM -dot- FR>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 18:05:00 +0100

Daniel Arrasmith wrote :
> Would like to keep several browser flavors at hand to check out web page
> repros. Has anyone successfully done this on a stand-alone PC? I'm
> with WGW 3.11.

> Laugh if you must. When I added ms-iexplorer to the mix it resulted in a
> major system meltdown. Luckily, I didn't follow ms install readme, which
> said one can toss iexplorer into the same directory with netscape, etc.

Daniel, I use Netscape 1, Netscape 2, MSIE and AOLpress simultaneously :
each set of files is in its own directory, I simply made copies of
WINSOCK.DLL in each. In fact, I have two sets of WINSOCKs, one I use with my
CompuServe subscription, the other one with my Wanadoo subscription. When I
want to change my access provider, I just rename WINSOCK.DLL into and WINSOCK.yyy into WINSOCK.DLL. That's not very handy, but it
works, so I can use any of my four browsers with any of my two access
The other problem is with bookmarks : the two Netscapes use the same
bookmark file (I don't know how I got it !), but AOLpress and MSIE have
their own "hotlist".
Frederic Wronecki
France Telecom, Paris, France
mailto : frederic -dot- wronecki -at- francetelecom -dot- fr

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