FW: re-creativity in technical communication

Subject: FW: re-creativity in technical communication
From: Shlomo Ramon <ramsol -at- NETVISION -dot- NET -dot- IL>
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 18:17:47 PST

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Date: Sun, 30 Mar 97 17:38:15 PST
From: ramsol -at- NetVision -dot- net -dot- il
Subject: re-creativity in technical communication
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Hello Mike,
you wrote: "technical writing requires creativity, otherwise the engineers
could do it..."
I beg to disagree with that statement, without starting a new major war.
Admittedly, I have not researched the educational background of accomplished

technical writers, yet my hearsay and experience presume that quite a
significant number has some kind of engineering/scientific background. And
why the assumption that good engineers must be devoid of creativity? IMHO,
both concept, system and detailed designs of any program or even of a humble

device involve a fair amount of imagination and of creativity, on top of
regular qualifications and specific skills.
It just occurred to me that many good engineers lose the interest in their
tasks once the design is completed and just could not be bothered to write
proper user documentation because of lack of interest and because most were
not taught the basics of how to..This might be connected with the different
doctrines for training engineers: the current technology versus the basic
sciences oriented approach - but that is another subject.
Speaking only on my behalf, as former (more or less) successful EE turned to
technical writing on his own volition.
Name: Shlomo RAMON
E-mail: ramsol -at- NetVision -dot- net -dot- il
Date: 03/30/97
Time: 17:38:15

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Name: Shlomo RAMON
E-mail: ramsol -at- NetVision -dot- net -dot- il
Date: 03/30/97
Time: 18:17:47

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