Re: Frame imported graphics

Subject: Re: Frame imported graphics
From: Dave Meek <meekd -at- WSERVER -dot- DO -dot- LOSRIOS -dot- CC -dot- CA -dot- US>
Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 16:39:55 -0700

At 03:44 PM 5/15/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Lets you keep all your graphics in one directory and "reference" them
>from as many different Frame docs as you want to.
>If you have just one document and a few graphics, importing into the
>document is probably the simplest way to go.
>Ernie Tamminga

Same situation comes up when working with Word, and each method has

Some advantages of importing graphics:
1) Can make the doc a bit easier to handle when you have a few simple
graphics; everything is in one bundle, so to speak. I frequently use this
method when I'm working with documents that won't change much during their
useful lifetimes; clients' eyes tend to glaze over when they hear about
"referencing." Sounds too much like "potential maintenance problems" to them.
2) Small safety factor. Graphics cannot suffer accidental deletion unless
the doc suffers same, nor will they become separated or "lost".

Some disadvantages of importing graphics:
1) Increases doc's file size, exceedingly so in some instances. Can result
in slow loading, which could lead to ...
2) ... restrictions on the number and complexity of the graphics due to size
and memory requirements of your system. Or, as in my case, of my clients'
systems, which are frequently less robust than mine.
3) Increases your workload whenever you modify the graphic. You now have
the extra steps of re-importing a graphic each time you change it.
4) Prevents sharing with other documents, as Ernie states above.

Some advantages of referencing graphics:
1) Modifications to the graphics are automatically displayed in the doc.
2) Well, for the rest, just reverse what I wrote under "disadvantages."

Final answer: the logical choice depends on the project and the tools involved.

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