Re: Employment Interview

Subject: Re: Employment Interview
From: Barb Ostapina <Barb -dot- Ostapina -at- METROMAIL -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 13:36:44 -0500

Would you rather have
someone hide the truth so you could deal with the consequences after you
hire them or tell you the truth so you can ask one or two clarifying
questions during the interview.

I'm all for truth, but I find that it is usually a relative thing. I
believe it's in no one's best interest to discuss personality conflicts in
an interview. The dynamics that are causing the personality conflict in the
first situation may be only partially or not at all a part of a new
situation. And people are not always the best judges of their own
personalities. Nor are they necessarily qualified to assess the personality
of a person they have known for a very brief time, and in an unnatural
interview session. Moreover, once labels are attached, it's hard to shake

I would venture to say that there are other issues involved in the decision
to move on besides the personality thing. If many other things about the
job are good, personality can often be managed. If it can't be managed,
it's probably because it's getting in the way of having those other good
things. I'd focus on those other (hopefully less touchy) things that are
lacking in the current position and that you are hoping to find in a new
one. Maybe the opportunity to learn new skills. Maybe the possibility of
moving up in managment. Etc. I agree with the person on this list (can't
remember who it was) who suggested a focus on the positive things you are
seeking in a move, rather than the negative ones you are hoping to leave

barb -dot- ostapina -at- metromail -dot- com
...speaking only for myself.

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