Re: Employment Interview

Subject: Re: Employment Interview
From: Mark Baker <mbaker -at- OMNIMARK -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 15:49:42 -0500

Tracy Boyington wrote

>> Would you rather have
>> someone hide the truth so you could deal with the consequences after you
>> hire them or tell you the truth so you can ask one or two clarifying
>> questions during the interview.
>But how many hiring managers *would* ask clarifying questions, and how
>many would just slam a mental door in your face as soon as they heard
>"personality conflict?" Isn't that code for "I don't like my
>pointy-headed boss and my boss doesn't like me, therefore I am hard to
>get along with and you should not touch me with a ten foot pole?"

The first question that the devil's advocate asks about any candidate for
sainthood is: "had he any enemies?" If the answer is no, the cause is
immediately rejected.

I always ask about conflicts and strategies the candidate uses to win those
conflicts. I would never hire someone who has never had a conflict. As far
as I'm concerned, if you're not quarreling with the engineers on a regular
basis you are probably not doing your job as a technical writer.

Are those conflicts necessarily personality conflicts? Maybe, maybe not. But
to a certain extent I think they are. We have jobs because engineers often
lack the personality traits necessary to communicate well with
non-engineers. ;-)

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