Re: Need Feedback

Subject: Re: Need Feedback
From: Elna Tymes <etymes -at- LTS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 17:37:55 -0800

Gina -

The questions
> 1.) What do you like most about the intranet?
> 2.) What do you like the least about the intranet?
> 3.) What would you most like to see added to our intranet?
> 4.) What would you most like to see removed from our intranet?

are likely to evoke a 'my favorite color is blue' kind of answer from
employees. For instance, if a company doesn't have a phone directory
online, and there never has been one, people may not realize that there
COULD be one. If they don't know you can do conferencing online, they
may not ask for it even though, once they try it, they may find it the
neatest feature since sliced bread and consider it a 'must have.'

We have found, in our work with our intranet clients, that you get more
useful responses by giving them things to react to. E.g., Which of these
things would you find useful in a new intranet: online phone directory,
pictures/bios of employees, holiday schedule, vacation scheduler,
meeting scheduler, online time card submission, project files/discussion
areas/schedules (open only to project participants), online
IRA/retirement account management area, internal class reservation area,
internal classes/tests, etc. (There are web pages of resources showing
the kinds of things being done on intranets - pick a bunch that you
think might be appropriate to your company.) When you get through with
your feature list, you can THEN ask your four questions above and get
more meaningful answers, because you will have provoked them to think.

Elna Tymes
Los Trancos Systems

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