Re: Windows Interface Terminology

Subject: Re: Windows Interface Terminology
From: Gurudutt Kamath <guruk -at- GIASBM01 -dot- VSNL -dot- NET -dot- IN>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 11:03:07 -0600


I have not had the benefit of Microsoft's MOS, but "tabbed pages" is
interesting. I therefore rely on the Help that Microsoft provides to
confirm (or override) my decisions. In Word 6 Help, Microsoft talks about
Tabs, as in Edit Tab, View Tab (Toolbar - Options). When I used the word
"Tab" in my user manual, the developers forced me to change it to Page. I
think they use Visual FOXpro as their reference point.

Whether it is Tabs or Pages, I think it is important to be consistent. I
use Dialog Boxes also carefully. Screen is ofcourse good old DOS as
someone has pointed out. Other words to be careful about are Window, Pane,
Box! Oh, my gosh, I am opening Pandora's box (list box, drop-down list box,
check box) <grin>.

Again, I've been forced to use terminologies from Visual FOXPro (Command
Button? Option Group!). My point was the Visual FoxPro is for programmers
and techies; whereas my User Manual is for Accountants and Accounts

One of the problems of Windows terminology is its growth, say from Windows
3.0 to Windows 98! With new tools, interfaces, devices, the need for
sharper terminology must be evident. The old terminologies for Windows, I
think, mix with the new terminologies for Windows and cause the confusion.
To add to this, each product of Microsoft may be talking its own language
-- a simple example being Tab and Pages. When we have just learned to
adjust to Win 95/NT termininolgy...there we go again...

Thanks to this list and its enlightened members: one can always be
enlightened on even the minutest details. Hope you found my two cents,
worth your while.

Best wishes all!


guruk -at- giasbm01 -dot- vsnl -dot- net -dot- in (India's First Site on Technical Writing) (Technical Writers of India List) (RoboHELP pages)

Bergen, Jane said:
According to the Microsoft Manual of Style, you are correct to call them
"tabbed pages" -- they definitely are NOT screens....that's an old DOS
term, anyway, and refers to the entire window area of the monitor (back
in the days before MS Windows). You can find it in the Microsoft Manual
of Style on page 54.

I sometimes refer to them as the "tabbed dialog pages" -- hmmm.

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