Re: Word Page Numbering

Subject: Re: Word Page Numbering
From: Walter Hanig <wdh -at- NETMANAGE -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 14:35:21 -0800

At 03:57 PM 3/19/98 -0600, Thinq Technologies, Inc. wrote:
>Is it possible to number the pages in manual created in Word 7.0 if the
>page has been set up as a 8.5 x 14 landscape page with two columns and each
>column becomes an actual page (the page is folded in half in other words).
>The function in PageMaker is Book. Is there such a beast in Word? I
>certainly do not want to add page numbers manually.

This is really "off the wall, " but might work...

Treat each 8.5x14 page as a three column table. The printed material goes in the first and third columns; the middle column should be sized to handle the left margin of the odd pages and right margins of the even pages.

Each column should be configured with two rows. The first row contains your text and occupies most of the 8.5" dimension. The bottom row (columns one and three) contains a sequence field for your page numbers. Force the first instance of the sequence field to a value of 1 and just increment thereafter.

Note that there's no automatic flowing of text from one "page" (table cell) to another.

It seems like this should work, but I haven't considered how you'd deal with automatic numbering for a TOC or index. You could create a TOC without page numbers and use bookmarks and references to create the "page number". You'd have to do this at the last moment, when you know chapters/sections aren't going to shift.


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