Re: To anchor a line

Subject: Re: To anchor a line
From: Roger Mallett <roger -at- CSICAL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 09:47:26 -0800

The following solution is specific to Microsoft Word. However, it has
equivalent application in many other products.

I frequently encounter such a need. My solution is to insert the figure
and use ADVANCE field codes to move the object up, left, right, or down.
The ADVANCE codes must come before the object, to position the object,
and then a modified equivalent set must be used after the object to
reset the cursor position.

For example:

{ADVANCE \u 15}{ADVANCE \l 200}This is the stuff (graphic, text,
object, etc) to move{ADVANCE \d 10}{ADVANCE \r 190}

Though this technique is very powerful.

Roger Mallett
Control Systems
(714) 458-5040 x 239

>From: KAHN, DEBRA[SMTP:DEBRAK -at- FTC1 -dot- AEI -dot- COM]
>Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 1998 9:16 AM
>Subject: Re: To anchor a line
>Frank Taylor wrote:
>(snip)Whilst preparing a data sheet (digital electronics) I have to
>place a
>line above a specific letter in order to indicate an inverted signal.
>The text is in a table cell.
>Although I have placed this line from the Drawing toolbar of Word 7 and
>checked the Lock Anchor option in the Drawing Object window, the line
>still floats away from its correct position when I open the document
>again. (snip)
>I have had the same need and have encountered the same problem. (I have
>had engineers call me asking me how they can fix this problem in their
>specification documents.) The majority of the company here works in
>Word 6.
>I work mostly in Ventura 4 and Frame 5. These two packages offer an
>"overline" feature in the text attributes/character designer. But I
>never seen the "overline" attribute offered in Word.
>I will be interested in solutions, also. Please post to the list.
>Debra Kahn
>Senior Techincal Writer
>Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
>debrak -at- ftc1 -dot- aei -dot- com
>"Just me"
>Find contractor info at

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