Re: To anchor a line

Subject: Re: To anchor a line
From: Suzy Davis <andavis -at- AU1 -dot- IBM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 18:05:46 -0500

Hi Frank

I don't know a lot about using fields in the way described, so I thought I
would offer another way which could be of use.

You may need to send me a couple of pages so that I can see how you are
anchoring the line, or offer an alternative - ie, it may be better to use
paragraph borders etc..

Anyway, assuming you know all that, and are using this method because it is the
best for what you need to do, I assume also that you have already attempted to
lock the graphic's anchor to the paragraph mark immediately above the location
of the graphic.

The graphic will maintain the distance between the specified final resting
place of the graphic and the beginning of the paragraph it is anchored to. (So
if you add/delete text to the paragraph, and increase/delete the amount of text
lines in the paragraph the gap between the text and the graphic will increase
or decrease).

To get around this you can add an empty paragraph mark after the text paragraph
(and change it to a small point size so it doesn't add any unnecessary space,
if required) and anchor the graphic to this paragraph mark instead.

But, sometimes Word just won't play by the rules.

So, what I do if things start moving around too much is:
1. Place a manual page break at the end of the preceding page.
2. Place an empty paragraph mark at the top of the page and then follow with
headings or continued paragraph text from the previous page.
3. Insert the graphic.
4. Drag the anchor to the paragraph mark at the top of the page. (You may have
to unlock the anchor first and then relock it).
5. Adjust the position of the graphic by clicking and dragging with your mouse.

The graphic is now anchored (and locked) to a fixed paragraph mark which is in
a fixed spot on the page.. It won't move unless you move the paragraph mark or
delete the manual page break on the preceding page.

However, the text between the fixed paragraph mark and the graphic may increase
or decrease with editing changes. Whenever you do add or delete the text on
the page keep an eye on the graphic and adjust as necessary.

The field code approach obviously gets around this need and I'll have to try it!

Anyway, good luck and thanks techwhirlers for a new way.

Suzy Davis
Technical Writer

Internet: andavis -at- au1 -dot- ibm -dot- com
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03/25/98 11:09 AM
Please respond to taylor_f -at- NETVISION -dot- NET -dot- IL

Subject: To anchor a line

Whilst preparing a data sheet (digital electronics) I have to place a
line above a specific letter in order to indicate an inverted signal.

The text is in a table cell.

Although I have placed this line from the Drawing toolbar of Word 7 and
checked the Lock Anchor option in the Drawing Object window, the line
still floats away from its correct position when I open the document

Any suggestions as to how I can STICK this line in its place would be


Frank Taylor
Frank Taylor
taylor_f -at- netvision -dot- net -dot- il
ph 972 0 774 0828
fx 972 9 771 1906



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