Re: Web vs. web?

Subject: Re: Web vs. web?
From: Michael Lewis <lewism -at- BRANDLE -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 23:54:55 +1000

The reason we need to distinguish between an intraweb and an intranet is
the same as the reason we need to distinguish between an idea and the
book we found it in. Have you noticed that many people use "the Web" and
"the Internet" (or approximate equivalents) as synonyms? In fact, a web
(whether intra or World Wide) is an information structure; a net
(whether intra or Inter) is the infrastructure -- the deloivery
mechanism. Just as the Internet supports global email, FTP, and heaps of
other stuff as well as the WWW, so an intraweb supports corporate email
and the intraweb. Yes, there are other webs: many corporations are
setting them up -- on their *intranets* -- as a means of in-house online

Susan Kocher wrote:
> ...
> Yes, and a couple of people here have referred to other "webs" besides
> THE Web (WWW). But is this valid? I have not come across the use of
> "web" to describe any *particular* web other than the WWW, at least
> not until someone brought up this term on this list. Are there really
> "other webs"?
> Of course, I have never seen the term "intraweb" used before someone
> brought it up on this thread, either. Is this term in common, or even
> uncommon, use in technical documentation? What would the difference
> be between an intraweb and an intranet? Or perhaps I should rephrase
> that: why would someone see a need to distinguish between an intranet
> and an intraweb?
> I guess we're not finished with this issue yet--I posted my summary too
> soon!
> Sue

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