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Subject: Re: Fine Line...
From: Tracey Moore <traceym -at- APPLIEDMAPPING -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 10:13:03 -0400

One word of caution when posting to the server: You never know who's reading it! It could be the person with whom you just interviewed. This could work for you or against you. Also, I would be careful to use correct grammar. We are technical writers and the reader may be in a position to help us in our careers.

As for the interview, don't be discouraged with the standard line "we have a few other candidates to interview." Interviewers often say that regardless of how well the interview went. My advice: IMMEDIATELY send a handwritten note thanking the interviewer for their time. (Handwritten notes are more personal and won't be mistaken for junk mail.) Stress that you are excited about the opportunity and look forward to talking with them again. (My current employer said he hired me over more experienced folks because I was so thorough with follow-up.)

I have also sent unrequested letters of recommendation with good results. Don't make the phone call until a week has passed. If you have followed up with letters, they'll remember you.

During the interview, I try to learn something about the company and offer my assistance if I can. This provides an immediate avenue for follow-up. For instance, I noticed that the company I interviewed with used a slogan that was copyrighted by another company. I asked if they were aware of this and they weren't. I then offered to do a little research and get back to them (which I did the next day). So right off the bat I was proving myself valuable to them.

I guess the morale of my long, long story is: Follow up!

From: Feeman, KevinX
Sent: Monday, April 13, 1998 5:45 PM
Subject: Fine Line...

Hey all. I recently had an interview for employment for a company that
I really want to work at. The interview was on Wednesday of last week
(April 8). After the interview, which I thought went really well, they
gave me the common line "we have a few other candidates to interview."
There is a fine line between being assertive, calling and asking about
the position and being a pain in the tush. Is there a standard that one
should wait (a week or so?) before calling a company and asking if the
position was filled? Any comments or advice?

Thanks in advance,

Kevin Feeman
Technical Communicator


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