Re: STC Conference Panelist needed

Subject: Re: STC Conference Panelist needed
From: "Parks, Beverly" <ParksB -at- EMH1 -dot- HQISEC -dot- ARMY -dot- MIL>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 11:13:48 -0700

So then a Knowledge Worker would be someone who.....?

Bev Parks
parksb -at- emh1 -dot- hqisec -dot- army -dot- mil

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> From: McDonald, Nancy (The Registry) [SMTP:McDonalN -at- LCI -dot- COM]
> I'm jumping in, philosophically... If you must discuss the difference
> between those two concepts themselves, 'information' is quite
> different from
> 'knowledge'. Information is some THING (set of facts, etc) that
> stands
> alone, indifferent to what one does with it. 'Knowledge' on the other
> hand,
> is a concept that a person HAS. A particular mind-set. One GETS
> information, but one HAS knowledge of information. Because I have
> knowledge of some information, I can provide you with that
> information. I
> hope you have knowledge of it as a result! As well, I can still
> provide you
> with information, but perhaps I don't know of it (the information,
> that is).
> (I'm just passing it along.)
> Nancy McDonald
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> > From: Hope Cascio [SMTP:hope -dot- d -dot- cascio -at- US -dot- ARTHURANDERSEN -dot- COM]
> > The difference seems simple to me. Information is a 300 page manual
> with
> > the answer in it somewhere, but you don't know where because there's
> no
> > TOC
> > and no index. Knowledge is a 300 topic online Help system with a
> TOC,
> > indexing, related topics buttons, and hyperlinks.
> >
> > From: wayned -at- VERITY -dot- COM
> > At 10:18 PM 4/21/98 EDT, Ross Squire wrote:
> > >I am moderating a panel at the upcoming STC confeence in Anaheim.
> > >The discussion will focus on the changes in the roles and
> > responsibilities
> > >that has occured as our focus has moved from being information
> workers to
> > >knowledge workers. We will be discussing the changing roles, the
> > technologies
> > >that are influencing our profession, and our forecast for the
> future of
> > our
> > >profession.
> > >
> > I must need that panel discussion because "information
> workers"/"knowledge
> > workers" strikes me as a distinction without a difference.
> > --Wayne

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