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Subject: Re: STC Conference Panelist needed
From: "McDonald, Nancy (The Registry)" <McDonalN -at- LCI -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 14:06:01 -0400


I'm jumping in, philosophically... If you must discuss the difference
between those two concepts themselves, 'information' is quite different from
'knowledge'. Information is some THING (set of facts, etc) that stands
alone, indifferent to what one does with it. 'Knowledge' on the other hand,
is a concept that a person HAS. A particular mind-set. One GETS
information, but one HAS knowledge of information. Because I have
knowledge of some information, I can provide you with that information. I
hope you have knowledge of it as a result! As well, I can still provide you
with information, but perhaps I don't know of it (the information, that is).
(I'm just passing it along.)

Nancy McDonald

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> The difference seems simple to me. Information is a 300 page manual with
> the answer in it somewhere, but you don't know where because there's no
> and no index. Knowledge is a 300 topic online Help system with a TOC,
> indexing, related topics buttons, and hyperlinks.
> Feeling very smug about my metaphor, and waiting to be shot down
> unmercifully,
> Hope Cascio
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> Subject: Re: STC Conference Panelist needed
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> At 10:18 PM 4/21/98 EDT, Ross Squire wrote:
> >I am moderating a panel at the upcoming STC confeence in Anaheim.
> >The discussion will focus on the changes in the roles and
> responsibilities
> >that has occured as our focus has moved from being information workers to
> >knowledge workers. We will be discussing the changing roles, the
> technologies
> >that are influencing our profession, and our forecast for the future of
> our
> >profession.
> >
> I must need that panel discussion because "information workers"/"knowledge
> workers" strikes me as a distinction without a difference.
> --Wayne
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