Re: secretary's day

Subject: Re: secretary's day
From: Dawn-Marie Oliver <Dawn-Marie -at- XPENSE -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 14:20:35 -0700

> The discussion that followed confirmed for me that many of the
men on our
> list didn't see the issue as gender-related, even though many of
the women
> did. I found this interesting and predictable. We have a long
way to go
> ladies and gentlemen, and it starts in our own "playground."

Because I was starting to notice a trend in the drift of the
answers, I
started compiling a list of which gender gave which responses.
Hillary is absolutely right, many men don't see it as a gender-related
fact, several men were downright nasty and dismissive of the

Here is my list as of 2:15 today (with apologies to those I
paraphrased, as
I was going for brevity):

Explain nicely
Educate them
Take lunch, then educate
Set aside feelings
Identity problem/politely set the person straight
Unintended mistake, gently set person straight
Why don't we have Technical Communicator/Technical Author/Technical
Writer/Information Developer day
True men don't get this, but they do get "ox duty"
Who cares what you're called as long as your paycheck is right
It's an occupational hazard
Career should be determined by self
Missed the point, it's about titles on org chart and pay
Please stop this thread...
Well intentioned, misguided individual
Why get in a dither over this
Is this a great topic to stake her career on

Voice opinion
I'd be upset, too
Happened to me, too
Find out if others, treat as joke
Men don't have this happen, I'm tired of setting things straight
May be mistake or knee-jerk direct to find out
Wouldn't happen if you were a guy; You have a right to be insulted
Be careful; If one, set them straight, if more, identity problem
Don't ACT insulted; I hate these situations, too
What is your situation/Thank g-d it wasn't my organization
Similar situation/older, clueless female originating
Getting upset in certain situations/Similar situation
Use sense of humor
Agrees not to anger secretaries
Misperception that must be corrected/wouldn't happen if male
Experience says those who assume women=secretary also assume
secretary != degree
Attitudes can be a problem (reaction to "who cares..." above)
Not about ego, about tasks
Real issue is perception in the workplace

Dawn-Marie Oliver
dawn-marie -at- xpense -dot- com

This opinions are mine, not my employees. We're happy to have
it that way.

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