Re: more #$ -at- %#^&$# secretary stuff...

Subject: Re: more #$ -at- %#^&$# secretary stuff...
From: Elna Tymes <etymes -at- LTS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 12:00:28 -0700


> Since then, I've run into some people who say that that's too much for
> one tech writer to take on and that "it's not my job." I have a real
> problem with people like that. When you're the *only* tech writer
> on-site as I was there, people will seek you out as a potential solution
> to the unique problems they need solved. Why not give of yourself?
> Only good can come of it. =D

Because we're not in the business of "giving of ourselves." We're
working to make money, among other things. If you want to give of
yourself, I can think of dozens of charities who can use you.

George, unlike you apparently, I don't work for free. And my rates are
high. If my client company wants to pay my hourly rate for taking notes
and making copies, fine. I make sure they realize that's what they're
doing, in non-threatening ways. (Most of the time I kinda smile and say
"You're paying me by the hour. I'll be glad to help out, but are you
sure you want to spend the company money that way?") Most of them
realize that it's not cost-effective to use my time that way, and get
someone who costs less to do those kinds of tasks.

Btw, this is one illustration why contracting is more rewarding (for me)
than working captive. If you're captive, in my experience, you're more
likely to run into little acts of deprecation like this that get passed
off as being "part of the team." You're less likely to get that as a
contractor simply because everybody knows you're billing by the hour.

Elna Tymes
Los Trancos Systems

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