Re: #$ -at- % secretary stuff and the Grammar Guru

Subject: Re: #$ -at- % secretary stuff and the Grammar Guru
From: "Anderson, Ben" <BAnderson -at- GFBANK -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 11:58:56 -0500

>I find that as a writer, everyone expects me to be the grammar guru. I'm
>happy to help with simple questions. Likewise, I often have to edit some
>large stuff that gets out to the world, but doesn't fall under the domain
>of tech pubs. But!!! I don't have time to edit every little 2 page memo
>that comes through my colleagues' doors. Cripes! These people are
>supposed to have degrees, right?
>How do you deal with these people? Where is the dividing line between
>wanting to help and wanting to buy a gun?

Our department feels that these little edits are just as much part of
our duty as creating a User Guide. While we understand that these types
of edits do not fall under the tech pubs heading, it is a good way to
keep a good raport and an EXCELLENT way to see what is going on in the
other departments. These little projects usually lead to much bigger
projects (and of course more exposure) as well as giving the writer a
little change of pace and a chance to brush up on those grammar skills.
We get to work with everyone from the CEO to Marketing to the Mailroom.

So my answer to dealing with these people is that we encourage it!!
Hey, it still gets a project code and gets billed to someone :-)

Besides it is a HUGE ego boost to get to mark a Higher-Up's memo in RED

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>Guaranty Federal Bank-Documentation
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>Austin, Texas 78746
>(512) 434-1788
>banderson -at- gfbank -dot- com

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