Re: HELP:Indexing in Word 7

Subject: Re: HELP:Indexing in Word 7
From: Chris Knight <knight -at- ADA -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 16:01:10 -0700

Robin Allen wrote:
> I'm using Work 7 to create several small manuals that will eventually
> be shipped as a single manual in a three-ring binder separated by
> tabs. I need to keep each manual separate with its own sequential page
> numbering, but compile a single index for all of the manuals. Somehow,
> I need to distinguish between four page 1s, four page 2s, and so on.
> Is there any way I can insert an acronym before the page number in the
> index?

Hmm, this could be tough. The index entry field offers no option on how
page numbers are generated. I would try this:
(1) Wherever you want the page number to show up on the page (e.g. the
footer) add an acronym identifying the manual, followed by a hyphen, and
format these as hidden text. This way the acronym does not show up in
the footer (or wherever).
(2) Build the index. I suspect that, since Word formats the index
entries as hidden, yet translates these into the index items, it might
very well "unhide" the acronym when it generates the entries.

Worth a try, anyway. Try one manual first, then act accordingly.
Hope it works.

Chris Knight
Consultant, Technical Communication Architect
Vancouver BC, Canada
(currently at Applied Digital Access,
E-mail: knight -at- bcg -dot- ada -dot- com Phone: 604-415-5886 Fax: 604-415-5900)
Opinions expressed are my own, not ADA's

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