Matt's Dilemma - was Re: I got the bluuuuueeess

Subject: Matt's Dilemma - was Re: I got the bluuuuueeess
From: howard <pencil -at- WAVENET -dot- CO -dot- UK>
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 23:54:17 +0100

C Davis wrote:

>Ok, so I can't sing =)I have to insert my 2 cents about Matt and his brush
>with depression.

<grin>If I remember his original post, he had taken very seriously an adage
aimed at making folks think. Was this adage written by a technical

Hard, when spending your whole time composing pretty much factual, serious,
information products (I suspect even the dummies books have the humour
added-in after user-testing, but I don't *know* this) to not take others
seriously isn't it?

However I guess that if, like you, he's spending his time re-writing stuff
which could be pretty much automated (as I infer from your post) he's
justified in feeling a little worried.

What would I say? Relax! Dig out your early first drafts (ie, from 5 years
ago, 3 years ago and 18 months ago) and compare the comments/revisions
you're getting now with those you were getting then; how many you're
getting and what level they're at.

Then see if you've had 1 year's experience 5 times over.

Apart from that it seems a question we all have to answer for ourselves...


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