Re: QUESTION: headhunter etiquette

Subject: Re: QUESTION: headhunter etiquette
From: Kevin Feeman <Kevin_Feeman -at- HILL-ROM -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 14:52:34 -0400

My experience has echoed pretty much what Elna has said. Just make sure
that you know which companies which headhunters are sending your resume to.
I had talked to dozens of headhunters in my preparation to move to North
Carolina, and found out that many had the same job positions. My advice,
find a couple that have really good reputations in the technical writing
field and stick to them. To me, too many cooks spoil the job offers. OK,
pun on an old metaphor, but my point being, that many companies may/will be
turned off if they see your resume more than once.

I found my greatest source for job hunting was the local STC job site,
where I found the position that I am now working at. I know that STC job
sites don't cover all of the bases when looking for jobs, but they seem, in
my experience, to be the most reliable source of "good" tech writing leads.

Good luck!

My 2 cents worth.


Jacqueline Fry <jfry -at- ARRAY -dot- CA> on 09/25/98 02:06:23 PM

Please respond to Jacqueline Fry <jfry -at- ARRAY -dot- CA>

cc: (bcc: Kevin Feeman/HRC/HII)
Subject: QUESTION: headhunter etiquette

Hello all. I tried searching the archives for this but the downloading was
taking forever.
Here it is: What is the etiquette concerning headhunters (if there is any)?
Can you be in communication with more than 1 headhunter at a time,
enlisting them to search out opportunities for you? What if they both come
to you with the same opportunity? I have had calls from about 12
headhunters over the past few months, and am considering calling a few of
them to kick my job search into high gear. If anyone has had any experience
with headhunters/multiple headhunters, please let me know.
Sorry if I sound like a newbie on this issue; I haven't dealt much with
headhunters in the past.
Thanks a lot for any help. Please email me off list if you don't feel this
is a relevant topic for Techwr-l.

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