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Subject: Re: Robohelp 7 & WinHelp 2000...
From: Michelle Vina-Baltsas <Michelle_Vina-Baltsas -at- US -dot- CRAWCO -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 14:11:11 -0500

I had sent a response to a note this morning asking about the new features
in RoboHelp 7.0 which led to some very interesting responses from another
TW. I'm interested to hear back from others about this WinHelp 2000 issue
and some of the others features that BS is claiming are new to this product
release. Suzanne had also sent back a response stating that the features
listed below were available in 6.0, but I'm not certain that they were.
Here is what I orignally wrote:

Here are a few snipets from the "this package contains" literature I
received w/ my upgrade. IMO The nicest feature is the WinHelp 2000
interface (split-screen capability). I converted my existing 6.0 files
without any obvious difficulities. Be aware, that if you decide to use the
WinHelp 2000 interface secondary windows no longer apply.

- split-screen WinHelp (where TOC remains visible on the left pane while
the topic content appears in the right pane) with WinHelp 2000
-fast indexing w/ Smart Index Wizard
-Orgainize your browse sequences using the visual Browse Sequence Editor
-Control images using the Image Workshop
-Macro Assistants
-Redesigned and organized RoboHelp interface

Response from other TW:

>Be aware that, if you decide to use the WinHelp 2000 interface,
> secondary windows no longer apply.

That's not entirely accurate. WinHelp 2000 lets you display HTML
documents in any Help window, including secondary windows.

If the HTML code uses frames, then the frames work in the Help window
exactly as they would in an HTML browser window.

It is a limitation of HTML that an HREF anchor cannot specify a Help
window as the display location of its target URL.

I used the first version of WinHelp 2000 in a project a little over a
year ago, and it's probably the best WinHelp-related product I've ever
seen from Blue Sky.

My response:

You've got me wondering now. I just called Blue-Sky to confirm this 2ndary
window issue. Based on what tech support told me, when a help file is
using the WinHelp 2000 Explorer View secondary windows really don't apply
because all topics display in the left pane. I've converted a project from
6.0, which contained 2ndary windows, to 7.0, all the windows were the same
(in terms of size, position, color, title bar).

Since I'm new to the WinHelp 2000 feature I asked them about it. They said
that it was developed several years ago as an add-on. I don't know
anything about the original product, but since they no longer support it
they couldn't tell me much. I was really referencing this feature in terms
of the Explorer View (right and left pane display). According to BS, this
is new to RoboHelp 7.0. It certainly was new to me. If it's been around
for some time, I'm sorry I wasn't aware of it earlier!! This is the first
release that has a WinHelp 2000 tab in the project settings window.

Thanks for your comments,

Suzanne Gerrior <SGerrior -at- RAYMARKX -dot- COM> on 12/15/98 09:11:07 AM

Please respond to Suzanne Gerrior <SGerrior -at- RAYMARKX -dot- COM>

cc: (bcc: Michelle Vina-Baltsas/CRAWFORDCO/US)
Subject: Robohelp 7

Good morning,

Can anyone tell me what the major differences are between Robohelp 6 and 7?
I'm trying to decide whether it's worth upgrading. (I've already checked
Blue Sky site and didn't find the answers I'm looking for.)


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