Image issues

Subject: Image issues
From: Lief Erickson <lerickso -at- MQSOFTWARE -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 14:43:38 -0600

I have the following dilemma and couldn't find a solution in the archives.
I am certain this has been addressed, but couldn't find the answer.

I have converted all my Word 7.0 files to FrameMaker 5.5. The images were
embedded in Word as a .wmf. The FrameMaker files will eventually be .pdf
for distribution via CD-ROM to our customers. Our customers will need to
read the documentation on their monitors as well as print it (if they
choose). Which means that the graphic image must be clear on-line, but also
not too large that it is unbearably slow to print. Currently, I use Corel
Draw 8 to capture the images then export them as a .gif (still searching
for the best dpi and color). What is the best file type and setting?

Additionally, the documentation will be going to a commercial printer. We
don't have a large budget for printing, so we can't (read: won't) pay them
to fiddle with the images. Which means I must. We won't be printing color,
just gray scale at the commercial printer. In addition to the above
questions, what is the best file type and setting?

Your experience and expertise are greatly appreciated. I have been a member
of this list for a while have read many tips that have been very useful.

Please contact me off-list and I will post a summary.

-Lief Erickson

lerickson -at- mqsoftware -dot- com

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