Subject: Numbers
From: Lynette Petendree <Lynette_Petendree -at- INSTINET -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 11:56:40 -0500

>Which setence is correct?
>After you press the "Ok" button, page 2 displays.
>After you press the "Ok" button, page two displays.
>I'd write:
>When you press the OK button, page 2 will be displayed, as shown in Figure
>23-45 on page 23-400.
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I agree, but would keep the figure (23-45) close to the reference so users
don't have to flip too far to find your example. Also, I don't think you
mean "page 2." I think you mean a second page or screen or window or
whatever that is displayed next in the sequence, as Elna Tymes illustrates

>Neither. "displays" is a transitive verb and requires an object.
Instead, use
>the word "appears." If you're referring to something that is labelled
"page 2"
>use the term that the user will see. If you're referring to a second page
>doesn't have a label, and in particular if you're referring to a
>screen of information, call it "the second screen" or something
>Elna Tymes
>Los Trancos Systems

Here, I disagree. Displays is the wrong term, and appears is wrong for the
same reason. This isn't a magic show, pages (screens, whatever) do not
magically appear or display. I would say:

"When you press OK (I think they know it's a button), the "Blah Blah screen
is displayed, as shown in figure 23-45 below."


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