Use of IMI & Other Ideas

Subject: Use of IMI & Other Ideas
From: R2 Innovations <R2innovations -at- MYNA -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 1998 13:47:30 +0000

I have been following this thread and I'm confused. If I understand
some posts correctly, the receivers of IMI-created resumes receive
the information with all the formatting messed up. Is this correct?

I find that very hard to believe. We have been using IMI methodology
for our ISO documentation since 1993 and I have personally sent
electronic copies of IMI/Word files to SME's for them to review and
comment on. I have _never_ had anyone advise me that the files they
received were unreadable, nor unuseable. What are you people doing

While I use IMI methodology, I use it just like I use Word _or any
other tool_. I am _not_ a slave to its concepts and often violate
some of their rules (we have many procedures that exceed 7 +/- 2
pages, for example, because the task _cannot_ be broken down

I agree with one poster who suggested that we all lighten up a bit.
In fact I would like to make a suggestion to ALL techwr-lrs, "Let
us all, in 1999, compose our responses, sit on them for 24 hours,
and then send them after having reviewed what we said for arrogant or
castigating tone, relevancy to the intended mission of the list, and
general common decency in speech". Remember, when you send me a
posting or reply to one of mine, you are engaging in electronic
conversation. Would you talk to me face-to-face in the same way?

Give it some thought, eh people

Happy New Year to all Techwr-lrs, may the year bring you health and

Ralph E. Robinson
the next day
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