Bristol Caveat & Cross-platform help (was Robohelp 7.0)

Subject: Bristol Caveat & Cross-platform help (was Robohelp 7.0)
From: Mark Dempsey <mxd2 -at- OSI -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 07:42:44 -0800

I second what Mr. Knopf wrote with one addition:

Not only is Bristol pricey, it doesn't work on UNIX's equivalent of
*.bmp files (*.xwd). If you're thinking of using it with FrameMaker
files that originated on UNIX, plan to exclude all graphics. Much easier
and cheaper: WebWorks ( Not a walk in the
park, but works with UNIX Frame files, and converts all graphics to

For the whole cross-platform story, I recommend:

David Knopf wrote:
> David Thompson asked:
> | Has anyone got experience of designing On line help systems for non
> | Microsoft machines using RoboHelp?
> | When I create a Help file it runs fine on NT machines. However, I want to
> | run the same Help file on Silicon Graphics machines(SGI's), which use a
> | different OS. Any ideas on what I have to do? Include seperate
> | .dll's etc..?
> The WinHelp format (*.HLP) is Windows-specific. There are, however, several
> ways you can deploy WinHelp on SGI:
> - You can license HyperHelp from Bristol Technology. HyperHelp is a porting
> tool that lets you distribute standard WinHelp systems on various UNIX
> platforms. It's pricey, but it works. See for more
> info.
> - You can convert your WinHelp system to WebHelp, an HTML-based format
> developed by Blue Sky that lets you deliver online help in HTML format for
> multiple platforms and multiple browsers. You can create WebHelp using
> RoboHELP 7. See RoboHELP's online help for more information.
> - You can convert your WinHelp system to plain HTML, which also runs across
> browsers and on multiple platforms. You can generate plain HTML from
> RoboHELP 7, as well. Note that plain HTML won't give you a traditional TOC
> or Index.
> | I don't mean HTML help which is by default, cross platform.
> Actually, this is not true. HTML Help is a Microsoft technology that
> currently runs only on 32-bit Windows. You will not, for now at least, be
> able to deploy HTML Help on SGI.
> I hope this helps ...
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