Re: MS Word question - text flow problems

Subject: Re: MS Word question - text flow problems
From: Jacque Foreman <foremangraphics -at- JUNO -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 07:18:11 -0800

Kim & others

I am in a PC environment.

I share the frustration with Word. When I prepare a document for a client
to update on his/her computer, I am often asked to create the first
document in Word. And I usually get the job because the client has
experienced text flow aggrivations.

The only way I have found to keep text from reflowing all over the place
and graphics to stay in place is to use individual frames. The page title
is in a frame. Each graphic is in a frame. Text is grouped and placed in

Hope this helps.

Happiness, joy & laughter

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On Mon, 1 Feb 1999 09:07:46 -0500 Kim Nylander <nylanderk -at- IPIX -dot- COM>
>On 1/29/1999 6:20 PM, Todd Sieling muttered:

>The primary frustration I have with Word deals with its ability (or
>rather inability) to handle graphics in a longer document, 50-100
>I have all of the screen shots, approximately 70 placed files,
>and replaced with large red "X" marks. I had to replace all of the
>graphic files. Of course, happened exactly when I was printing the
>Word does not handle text flow very well, or very consistently. The
>company I used to work for insisted that Word was the company
>and that every document would be done in Word. I ended up spending
>time maintaining the doucment layout than I did writing the manual.
>Word inevitably crashes just after saving a document, when it kicks
>an "Autosave" -- causing the computer to come to a screeching halt,
>then GPF.
>My largest complaint about Word is that it is tryign to be something
>it is not. I use Word 5.1 on my Mac at home, and it's a lean mean
>processors. It doesn't crash. It processes words, and the
>graphic beautifully. For everything else, I would use a real desktop
>publishing program and avoid the frustrtion of trying to use any
>of Word.
>As to my computing environments: Pentium II/300 with Windows 98,
>97, and Corel Ventura Publisher, and a Power Mac 9600/300 with OS
>Office 98.
>Personally, I avoid Word unless I'm working on a simple, short
>Kim Nylander
>(a frustrated Word user)
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