Re: How do you respond to job ads?

Subject: Re: How do you respond to job ads?
From: "Comeau, Lisa" <Lisa -dot- Comeau -at- MOH -dot- GOV -dot- ON -dot- CA>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 14:42:52 -0500

Joe said (ohmygoshidontbelievehesaidthis)
> I would expect to see a resume and cover in PDF format, with embedded
> fonts. This would show me the person's creativity and ingenuity
> design and layout, and computer knowledge).
> A text-formatted resume tells me the candidate is not creative and does
> not know how to use present technology.

What is a candidate supposed to do, ask your "screening staff" what type of
email software you use, what ISP you have, what current programs are on your
system, what fonts your word processor and printers can support?

Personally, I have been known to send my resume as a self-running PowerPoint
presentation, if it's the type of thing that'll get me the job.
Unfortunately, some virus protection software wipes it clean as soon as it
does an email scan.

What about people who don't have access to, or don't use PDF? Are they less
creative? NOT! Besides, as other people have stated, when you ask for
electronic resumes, you have to expect some formatting changes, so text is
the best way to go. If you don't like my courier font, open the danged thing
in Word and change it to Comin Sans MS, fer gosh sakes! ;-)

This is why I usually physicall hand my resume to prospective employers, and
why my business card has a shortlist of skills on the back. It's also why I
use headhunting agencies that weed out people like Joe with unrealistic
expectations... ;-p (tongue in cheek) no offense, Joe, for the job you're
advertising, this PDF thing might be appropriate, but I can tell you, it's a
warning sign for me that I wouldn't want to work for ya! ;-)

PDF - doesn't that stand for "People Deserve Facts"? :)


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