Re: How do you respond to job ads/salary?

Subject: Re: How do you respond to job ads/salary?
From: Katav <katav -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 1999 09:34:36 -0800

Salary history in currency is of no value.

What MIGHT be of interest is the PERCENTAGE increase received over the
last 'n' years. But even that can be flawed by 'make-up' increases.
(Explanation upon request.)

Even 'responsibility' may be misleading. Case in point: at one place I
managed tech pubs, CS, and training and made far less - in comparable
$s - than I make now being 'just' a writer (who also does Y2K,
disaster prevention, and a 'few' other things, but with no great
responsibility for personnel).

Unless an employer has a 'fixed-in-concrete' cap (typical of tax
supported operations), salary should be one of the last items for

The dollars I receive in City C may be must less than I would need to
live in City J -- could be more, but I'LL never admit to that. ;-]
Also, there may be different responsibilities: here I am responsible
for me; there I may be responsible for a large group of people with
varied jobs (e.g. tech support, training, publications).

There also is the desirability issue - could be I would take $n in
City P while it would take $n+1 for City M and $n+2 for City N -- I
won't willingly go to City J.

Katav ( katav -at- yahoo -dot- com )
''Despise not any person and do not deem anything unworthy
of consideration, for there is no person without his hour,
and no thing without its place'' {Ben Azzai [Avot 4:2]}

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