Re: a beginner's html-editor?

Subject: Re: a beginner's html-editor?
From: AlQuin <cbon -at- WXS -dot- NL>
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 11:39:32 +0100

On 08-02-1999 18:25 Steven Anderson wrote:

>Whether to teaching HTML using a plain text editor or a GUI editor is really
>a question of what you are trying to teach. Are you trying to teach someone
>the basics of the Web in the simplest possible manner, or are you trying to
>teach about HTML?

I would like to respond here on the list:

>If you are giving a quick overview of the Web and explaining how to put up a
>simple set of web pages, than a GUI editor is probably the best option.

This is my first aim: just putting your hobby, resume or any information
you like on Internet.
My course is called "How to put your information on WWW"

>If you are trying to teach your students about HTML, then using a plain text
>editor is much better than teaching it using a GUI editor. Learning how to
>write HTML in a text editor teaches you a lot more than just how to get
>something on the Web, it helps you understand the structure and nature of
>HTML, as well as it's (many) limitations. On top of all that, it helps you
>understand what is going on when something breaks (or misbehaves) allowing
>you to fix the problem quickly and easily.

Secondly, I will impart people some basic understanding of HTML to repair
pages to their needs. Also serving my neatly programming (structured,
anybrowser) campaigns.

>To answer the first question, though, if you are planning on using a GUI
>editor, and assuming you need it for the PC, I would second John Gilger's
>recommendation - Arachnophilia. If you are not using a GUI editor, use
>whatever text editor is available. I really prefer emacs, but that's just
>the old coder in me.

That's why I am using Claris Homepage (an old version 1.0) right now for
my students (mainly housewifes, genealogical hobbyists, retired and some
librarian), since it covers both GUI and source editing capabilities.

Kees de Bondt

* Write different
* take your Macintosh
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