Re: Two questions

Subject: Re: Two questions
From: Tim Altom <taltom -at- SIMPLYWRITTEN -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 10:09:42 -0500

>1. I need to think about creating an on-line help system for a product
>that was developed in Java and uses a Web browser interface. I've
>developed Winhelp systems before, but I'm not clear at all about where to
>start with this one. Do I want a Java Help tool or an HTML tool?

With only these facts to go on, there's no way to give you good advice. Java
help isn't anywhere close to being fully functional yet, but HTML Help is
only a little more stable. Does the help file have to run in Java? Does it
run on anything other than PCs running Windows? How long is the development
cycle? (Java help may be out and usable by the time you're ready to
release). A whole lot depends on how the help file is to be delivered.

>2. I just got a manual back from the printer who used our Word file to
>produce the document. On one page there is an orphan that I had carefully
>removed from the original by shaving off points before and points after
>paragraphs on the preceding page. I'm not all sure why the orphan came
>back, but what I'm wondering from all of you is, how critical are you in
>reviewing writing samples? If you saw a widow or an orphan in a document,
>would you not consider the candidate? I'm trying to decide whether this
>document goes in my portfolio or not. Am I worrying needlessly?

No, you're not. A discerning employer will ask you about that, to see what
you did, how you reacted, if you know that it's an error, and what you did
about it. But a typical employer with a little knowledge will just harrumph
and assume you're an unprofessional idiot. A portfolio is no place for
anything you have to apologize for. Stylistic decisions, yes; those you can
easily defend. But not such a glaring error. Employers can reasonably assume
that anything in a portfolio is your best work, because nobody in his right
mind would deliberately choose to show flawed work in order to get a job.
I'd leave out anything that had typos, widows, orphans, or other obvious

Tim Altom
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