Re: PDF to Word 97

Subject: Re: PDF to Word 97
From: Michael Smith <smith -at- IO -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 03:30:06 -0600

"Leona L. Magee-Dupree" wrote:
>I hope this question was not asked before so I don't get jumped on (smile),
>but is it possible to covert a PDF file into a Word 97 document? If so,

From PDFs, it's possible to produce RTF files that can be read by
Word 97, by many earlier versions of Word, and by various other
applications -- depending on what kind of results you're expecting.

A company called Ambia sells a program, Aerial, designed to handle
creating RTF files from PDFs. It also does some other nifty things
with PDFs and sells (last I heard) for only about $50 or so.

Two other programs I've read or heard about are Redwing and PDFix.
I don't know anyone who has used them (maybe someone else on the
list does) but you can probably find information on them (and
Aerial) through Adobe or at the PDF Zone <>.

Don't expect too much out of them as far as importing PDFs goes.
Terms like "extraction," "retrieval" and "recovery" -- rather than
"conversion" -- are what usually seem to be used to describe the
PDF-importing process. PDF files really aren't designed to be
readily convertible, as a whole, into other formats.

In a perfect world, you could track down the source files used to
create the PDFs you needed to convert, and you'd edit those source
files instead. If you're not living in that perfect world, Aerial or
a similar utility may be the only remotely reasonable solution.

Michael Smith ~ Austin, Texas
smith -at- io -dot- com

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