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Subject: Re: Offices
From: "Megan E. Rock" <megan -dot- rock -at- FANUCROBOTICS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 11:28:34 -0500

My company has only cubicles. No one, not even the CEO, has an office.
This open-door policy is intended to nurture an atmosphere of "trust,
caring, sharing, and respect."

I haven't found that living in a cube makes it any easier for me to interact
with my co-workers because none of my groupmates sit near me. Most of the
other writers sit on the same row interspersed with developers from a group
none of us work with, but I'm more isolated off in a corner (not that I'm
complaining!) closer to an entirely different group. If I want to discuss
something with someone in my group, I have to hike on over to their area
rather than simply popping my head in next door. That's how I get my daily
exercise. It's rare here to see even half of a department assigned to cubes
next to each other.

Our Finance department is getting new cubicles. They're beautiful! Nice
and bright, off-white walls with a pattern, U-shaped desks with plenty of
space for a monitor and keyboard, and overhead lights instead of lights
shining upwards on top of the binder bins. I will be overjoyed if our part
of the building gets upgraded, too. My dark maroon and gray cube with dim
indirect lighting seems so dreary compared to the new ones, especially
during February in Michigan, and I would love to have adequate space to
spread papers and manuals around me while I'm sitting in front of my PC. My
21" monitor takes up vast amounts of desktop real estate.

Megan E. Rock
Electronic Documentation
(248) 377-7948
megan -dot- rock -at- fanucrobotics -dot- com

>I thought cubes were used because you can move them around a lot easier
>than tearing down walls, should you need to redesign the layout of a
>floor. I've been involved in this activity a couple of times.
><<They are used because they fascilitate employee workspace arrangement
>in larger
>office areas and allow for easier interaction with others on the same

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