Re: Distributing DOT files via the intranet

Subject: Re: Distributing DOT files via the intranet
From: Jane Bergen <jbergen1 -at- EARTHLINK -dot- NET>
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 11:43:19 -0600

Why can't you just make the .dot file available for downloading from a
web page? Include instructions for the user for how to copy it to his
or her template directory, etc. It should work, but there are a couple
of caveats:

* Use standard fonts like Arial and Times Roman. Using fancy fonts in
a template mean nothing if the user doesn't have the font installed.
Word will attempt to substitute and that may mean strange results!

* Include graphics in the file (not linked). For example, if you have
the company logo embedded in the header or footer, be sure that you
inserted it without linking it to the original.

* Make sure that all users are using the same version of Word that
you use. Otherwise the formatting can change.

Another tip, sometimes it's better to zip up the file and a readme
(both files in one zipped package). Aside from making it smaller,
things with the .zip extension just seems to travel through
internets/intranets a little smoother -- especially as attachments to
e-mail, although that's not necessarily relevant in your case.

If you don't want to let the users download the file, you'll need to
write a little installation program ... that seems like overkill.

Jane Bergen
jbergen1 -at- earthlink -dot- net

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Subject: Distributing DOT files via the intranet

>A few weeks ago, I posted a question on how to distribute DOT-files
via a
>company Intranet. Unfortunately no-one replied, but perhaps this time
>someone out there has an answer. The problem is the following:
>Every employee in the organisation should be able to have access to
>latest versions of company templates. We do not want to distribute
>files physically to everyone because of version control and possible
>(human) errors. A major problem is that not everyone in the
>can connect to the same dedicated server, but everyone can connect to
>Intranet. Therefore we want to distribute the Word 97 templates via
>intranet. Users should be able to surf to a site, click the template
>their choice, upon which Microsoft Word opens with this template.
>We found out that we have to specify the proper MIME type (dot) and
>Application Type (MSWord) on both the Client's browser and on the
>When this is done, MSWord is started all right, but with the template
>itself, not wit a new document based on that template.
>Now how can we get Word to open a new document based on that
template? Is
>this even possible?
>I hope someone in that vast community of tech writers knows of a
>solution to this problem, or even of a complex one. I would be
obliged if
>you'd share it with me (and 4000 others)

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