Re: Recommended Graphic Packages: Need opinions on use of co

Subject: Re: Recommended Graphic Packages: Need opinions on use of co
From: Arlen P Walker <Arlen -dot- P -dot- Walker -at- JCI -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 09:44:00 -0600

At one point, I needed to know a recommended graphics editor. It
seemed to me that Paint Shop Pro was the most commonly recommended
package, but I would like to know some others to research and

I still swear by Photoshop. I've never used a package that did so much
with so little effort. Look around till you find a deal involving a
scanner, you'll get it cheaper.

The technician I'm working with is recommending that we use one of
the basic 16 colors for those people with monitors that only support
the 16 colors. Apparently, on one of these monitors we get a
textured patch work affect. Is it generally recommended to only use
the basic 16 colors on Web sites?

No. There's a "browser-safe" palette of colors (I think it's 216, but I
haven't counted them) which is often recommended. You can venture beyond
those, as well, though, as long as you exercise some caution. The days of
16 color limits on video (BTW, it's the video interface, not the monitor,
that governs the number of colors) are rapidly fading. We don't have a
single machine here (out of over a thousand) that can't do at least 256

There are valid design reasons to limit the number of colors on your web
site, but there's no overriding technical reason to do so.

Also, is it a guideline to design the pages for 600 by 800 pixels?

Know your audience. What are the capabilities of the machines which will
view the page? 640x480? 800x600? 1600x1280? Let that guide your page
design. When designing for general consumption, the rule is to keep the
page to about 600 pixels in width, in deference to all the 640x480
machines out there. But for company intranets, you have absolute data on
the audience's equipment. Use it, and design accordingly.

Have fun,
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