Re: Help -- MS Word File Open Problem

Subject: Re: Help -- MS Word File Open Problem
From: Jim Aikens <jaikens -at- ZOOMIT -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 09:30:53 -0500

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From: Barb Ostapina <Barb -dot- Ostapina -at- EXPERIAN -dot- COM>

>I created a 1-page document (a consumer office letter) on my
workstation in
>MS Word 97. Nothing fancy -- Times New Roman is the only typeface, a
>styles to manage spacing, margin settings. I saved it as a Word 6/95
>document to a drive that the consumer office staff can get to. They use
>Word for Windows 95. I've done this many times with many letters. But
>time, they can't open it. Word insists on wanting to convert it to open
>Best I can figure, there's nothing to convert it from.

It probably _does_ have to be converted. The early versions (and I'm not
sure it has changed since) only _pretended_ to save documents in Word
6/95 format. They actually saved them as RTF (and a special RTF at that)
with DOC extension. You can get a patch from Microsoft to upgrade the
Word 7 save function (but I can't remember what it's called). I think
you may also be able to get a Word 6 filter that imports Word 7 files.

So, if it asks you to convert, try "from RTF".

jim aikens

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