Re: SERIOUS: Formal vs. informal organizations

Subject: Re: SERIOUS: Formal vs. informal organizations
From: Dawn-Marie Oliver <Dawn-Marie -at- CONCUR -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1999 16:07:45 -0800

< Andrew Plato wrote: >
> This highlighted what I saw was a problem with overly-formal
> organizations. They become like the Borg from Star Trek.
> has its place and there is a place for everything. There is no
> for anything remotely dynamic.

What is also interesting to watch is when a small start-up
company grows big enough that it decides it must become one of
these overly formal organizations.

> It seems to me, that some of the most productive and impressive
> organizations I have worked with, have little to no
> When I worked at Microsoft a few years back, I was floored with
> chaotic environment at first.

I think MS, for all its other faults, is a company that managed
the leap between a free-for-all start-up and the need for some
structure as a larger organization.

The key here, as I see it, is the ability to have the necessary
"structure" to satisfy the legal requirements (such as IPO), and
the conduct the rest of business in the free-wheeling style of
a start-up. The keys here are "necessary structure", and how
the structure is brought in. I worked for a company that tried to
"grow up", and the structure nearly created a mass departure. It
was too much, and way too fast.

> People seem to work best when they have personal bonds between
> members of the group. Email and phones encourage abstraction
> people. The client I mentioned earlier has hired contractors
from me
> and never seen my face! It is no surprise that she does not
trust me,
> she does not know me! To her I am some disembodied voice on a
> or words on a monitor. It is easy to mistrust people whom you
> see or experience.

And, I think the key to successful technical communicators is
the ability and desire to create these personal bonds. Sometimes,
the ability to get the job out on time in a bureaucratic environment
depends on the network of bonds you've created.

Just my opinion.

dawn-marie -at- concur -dot- com

The opinions here are mine, all mine. My company and I prefer it
that way.

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