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Subject: Re: Photography credits
From: Alfred Barten <barten -at- ORRQMS2 -dot- GDDS -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 12:40:34 -0500


I assume you've been given actual photos, not scans. If the photo has a
credit on it, use it. If the photo does not have a credit on it, then the
owner's name should be given. If all photos fit within your blanket
statement, then it sounds OK. I've done a bit a professional photography
and have always been careful to put my name and copyright notice on the
back. (Photo studios are particularly careful to put their credit lines on
their work.) Even then, some newspapers, who should know better, ignore the
credit. I've even had my photos credited as "Staff Photographer," which
I've never been. When these errors happen, I send them a polite but pointed
letter. (They often publish the letter as an acknowledgement.) Sometimes
I've seen photos credited as "From the collection of <Name>." This is
usually done with OLD photos that have no credits on them.

I hope this helps.

Al Barten

At 08:42 AM 3/15/99 PST, Leah Geanopulos wrote:
>Developing a project that will include photos of all our employees, most
>of which they've provided for me. Some are just photos they "had lying
>around" and they don't know who took them. Some are Olan Mills-type
>portraits. Giving photo credits will be a real hassle and, in some
>cases, impossible.
>My question is, would it be permissible to use a blanket statement at
>the beginning of the publication that will prevent me from having to
>research photographer information and give photo credits for each one? I
>was thinking, something like this:
>All photos included in this publication are the personal property of the
>individuals pictured and are printed with their permission.
>Any thoughts? Thanks in advance,
>Leah Geanopulos
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