Summary: Resources for learning about IP telephony and data network communications (longish)

Subject: Summary: Resources for learning about IP telephony and data network communications (longish)
From: Debbie Pesach <dpesach -at- SOHOLYNK -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 14:41:58 +0200

The following is a summary (excerpts) of responses to my question about
online resources for learning about IP telephony and data

The original question was posted to Techshoret, and the summary is being
posted there and on TECHWR-L.

In addition to what is written below, I also recommend trying:
TMC Net Internet Telephony Magazine online ( )
IPxStream ( )
Communications Library (
Glossary of Internet terms ( )

Thanks to everyone for responding so quickly (and for accepting this
group "thank you" in lieu of individual e-mail responses. Deadlines are


Debbie Pesach
Lynk, Ltd.
dpesach -at- soholynk -dot- com

From: Keith Jeremy Posner <posner -at- sodalia -dot- it>
For a general reference on telephony, you should look at the Newton's
Telecom Dictionary. I have the 11th edition but they're probably on the
13th by now. The details of my edition are:

Harry Newton (1996): Newton's Telecom Dictionary, Flatiron Publishing
Inc., New York, NY.
ISBN: 0-936648-87-2
e-mail: harrynewton -at- mcimail -dot- com

From: Ben Waxman <bwaxman -at- foxcom -dot- com>
Take a look at:

From: David schor <Davids -at- vcon -dot- co -dot- il>
Just for starters, check out the following: and click the Tutorials link
for a wealth of papers about all sorts of networking subjects. Rad's
site also contains a glossary. and search for IP Telephony will provide
several documents. opens up an extensive computer and networking

From: Gossels Lenny <LennyG -at- tadirantele -dot- com>

Using search engines will be messy but the magazine Global Telephony
has good stuff on it and you can try Vocaltec's home site

From: Sam saal <saal -at- idt -dot- net>

If you don't find an online reference, see if you can get hold of a
magazine called Computer Telephony (
They've had some good introductory articles on the subject.

From: MIKE ALTMAN <samsin -at- isdn -dot- net -dot- il>
MicroLegend SS7 Tutorial
URL: (AltaVista)
Summary: MicroLegend SS7 Network Overview

From ??? -at- ??? Sun Jan 00 00:00:00 0000=

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