Re: 2 questions about help indexes

Subject: Re: 2 questions about help indexes
From: "David M. Brown" <dmbrown -at- BROWN-INC -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 18:17:21 -0700

"Kathy J. Nguyen" wrote:
> ... something like the following:
> Application Development, file access, general error handling;
> What I see in the compiled index is:
> Application Development
> File access, general error handling
> I've never seen a triple level help index, so it probably isn't possible to
> create one. I would just like confirmation and/or tips.

Yep, WinHelp is limited to two levels.

> Question #2:
> Does anyone know how to make a comma in a primary index entry display? I've
> tried using a backslash before the comma, but then both the backslash and
> comma display. I would like my entry to look like the following:
> Attributes, manipulating within items

In Help Compiler Workshop, you can specify a different character (say, vertical bar) as the level delimiter. Then replace commas with vertical bars in all your K footnotes *except* for the commas you want to show in the index.

This shouldn't be necessary, however, if you have only one index entry with "Attributes," at the beginning. If that's the case, just make sure you don't also have "Attributes" as a single-level entry on its own. Again, if "Attributes, manipulating within items" is the only index entry that starts with "Attributes," you should get just what you want in the index with no extra work.

Let me know if my explanation needs clarifying. <:(


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