re Stamp Out the Wrong It's

Subject: re Stamp Out the Wrong It's
From: "Mark L. Levinson" <mark -at- MEMCO -dot- CO -dot- IL>
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 14:04:16 +0200

David Cramer writes:
How many of you would like to join me in starting a "Stamp Out
the Wrong It's" internet watchdog group?

** There's a newsgroup called .
Following is its FAQ.


Date: 1999/04/14
Author: John Goodwin <JG -at- opticon -dot- demon -dot- co -dot- uk>

Revision history: 20-9-98 Added clarification on scope of rule
18-12-98 Added details about special case exception

Credit List for revisons
Q2 Scope Alan Pemberton
Q3 Special cases John Goodwin

This FAQ can be copied without charge, provided that it is not sold,
and it does not form a substantial part of any package offered for sale.

The FAQ must be included as is, and no additions deletions or editing of any
kind are allowed.

Statement of liability.
The authors of this FAQ do not accept any liability whatsoever
for any injuries caused by its misuse. Or death. Or extended
sneezing fits.

Reading this FAQ
This FAQ should not, under any circumstances, be read using a www
browser (unless it has a plain text capability).

This FAQ should be read using a monospaced font, otherwise the
underlining looks silly.


Q1 Use of appostrophe
Should you insert an apostrophe when using the possessive "its"?
A1 No.

Q2 Scope
Is that alway's the case?
A2 Yes.

Q3 Special cases
What about irony.
A3 Oh, go on then.

End of FAQ

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