Re: Tab Stop Focus Group

Subject: Re: Tab Stop Focus Group
From: Jeff Jungblut <jeff -at- PORT-CHARLES -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 08:16:29 -0700

On 5/13/99 8:01 AM, judydh (judydh -at- TOTAL -dot- NET) wrote:

>Recently I was making templates for our books, which is a complicated
>process as expected. The most frustrating thing that I found about
>Frame and its paragraph catalog were the tab stops. While looking
>around in Word, though, I still found basically the same model for tab
>stops. It looks like the tab stop paradigm is still in a foggy haze,
>one that worked for manual typewriters but isn't really together for
>Frame and other word-processing applications. The only program I know
>that easily places text EXACTLY where you want it is PageMaker. I've
>complained to Adobe in their "desirable features" webpage.

Frame lets you set tab stops in 0.001-inch increments via the Paragraph
Designer window (that's one dot at 1000 dpi), in 0.003-inch increments by
dragging tabs on the ruler, or in 0.125-inch increments by dragging on
the ruler with Graphics>Snap turned on.

I'm curious about what case you have where you need finer control. :)

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