Re: Photos/graphics in MS Word

Subject: Re: Photos/graphics in MS Word
From: "Sherman, Diane" <Diane -dot- Sherman -at- JACOBS -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 17:32:08 -0700

hi mary,

sorry if this is many days late and dollars short; i'm playing catch-up with
digest reading.

if ed's solution worked for you, you can further refine it by using the
following macro from the weekly word tips mailing list. it changes the
default of the 'float over text' feature, which sort of changes the graphic
from having object qualities to having paragraph qualities. then you can
turn all your formatting details into a style. this has made my
relationship with graphics soooooo much easier, hope it works for you, too.

you don't mention which version of word you are using. this is a vba macro
for word7 and beyond. if you're using word6 or earlier, e-mail me privately
and i'll dig up the wordbasic macro for you.

--diane sherman
diane -dot- sherman -at- jacobs -dot- com


Public Sub EditPaste()
On Error GoTo Err_Proc 'just in case
' paste the object without FloatOver
Selection.PasteSpecial Placement:=wdInLine
Exit Sub
MsgBox "Error " & Err & vbCr & Err.Description
Resume Exit_Proc
End Sub

You can modify Word so that this macro is used in preference to the
standard Paste command by following these steps:

1. Choose Macro from the Tools menu. This displays a submenu.
2. Choose Macros from the submenu. This displays the Macros dialog
3. Make sure the Macros In drop-down list at the bottom of the
dialog box shows All Active Templates and Documents.
4. For the Macro Name, enter EditPaste (without spaces, and as
shown here).
5. Click the Create button. This opens the VBA editor. Note that
the editor already shows a module with some code in it. This
code is simply the VBA equivalent of the normal Edit Paste
command. You will need to replace this command with your new,
preferred version.
6. Select all of the existing code in the VBA editor and replace it
with the macro code from above. Make sure that none of the
existing code remains, and that the new code completely matches
the desired macro.
7. Choose Save from within the VBA editor (off the toolbar or the
File menu) and close the VBA editor.

Now, whenever Paste is chose from the Edit menu, or the Paste toolbar
button clicked, Word will default to pasting an in-line graphic in
preference to one that floats over the text.


"Klopfenstein, Ed (AFS)" <edk -at- ACCU-FAB -dot- COM> wrote:
> Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 12:59:57 -0700
> From: "Klopfenstein, Ed (AFS)" <edk -at- ACCU-FAB -dot- COM>
> Subject: Re: Photos/graphics in MS Word
> Mary wrote:
> I even have to update the Field Codes to see the photo, then
> again, center again and re-add the border.
> I had this problem in the past and had success with the following:
> Resized the original graphic to fit on page
> Left "Float Over Text" (from paste special) unchecked
> Embedded most small graphics
> I find that linking is nice on your file size but a pain to maintain.
> Thoughts from others is appreciated.
> I'm also sending a simple VBA macro that updates your fields just like
> CTRL+A+F9, but tells you if you've got field errors.
> Hope it helps make life easier.
> Ed
> *******
> Sub UpdateTables()
> Dim strResults As String
> If ActiveDocument.Fields.Update = 0 Then
> ActiveDocument.Fields.UpdateSource
> ActiveDocument.Save
> MsgBox "Update Successful. Please manually update" _
> & Chr$(10) & _
> Chr$(10) & "Table of Tables", vbInformation, "Reset Results"
> Else
> MsgBox "You have a field that isn't linked, creating an error." _
> & "Use Word's FIND program to search for the word 'Error!'.'",
> vbYesNo, "Reset Results"
> End If
> End Sub
> **********

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