Policies and procedures: samples

Subject: Policies and procedures: samples
From: RAHEL A BAILIE <rbailie -at- NEWBRIDGE -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 13:21:36 -0700

I was asked to post the examples of P&P to the list so the example will end up
in the archives. The situational preambles I've provided are not to suggest that
P&P should be created reactively (though they often are, and it shows), but to
demonstrate how the using the proposed format can be a useful tool.

Example 1

Old policy: Always ask for ID before handing out a prescription.

Counter staff at the pharmacy are supposed to ask for ID before handing out
prescriptions. A customer -- she comes in every month for a refill and by now is
on a first-name basis with staff -- comes to the counter to collect her
prescription, but realizes she has forgotten her ID at home. The counter staff
person says he can't give her the prescription because he needs ID, and the
supervisor is frustrated because of the poor customer service.

New policy (the "what"): Staff will ensure that all prescriptions are handed to
prescription holders.

Intent (the "why"): Our commitment to customer service includes efficient and
private service.

Procedures (the "how") relating to this policy could change from time to time,
and include:
1. Handing out prescriptions
2. Handling designated representatives
3. Maintaining customer privacy
4. Proof of identification

Handing out prescriptions
1. Determine that the person is the prescription holder or has been authorized
by the prescription holder to receive the prescription. Acceptable
identification is photo ID or a Medicare card.
2. Check the ... blah blah ... in the computer system ...
3. Update the customer file ... blah blah ...
Note: Prescriptions for Class X narcotics require proof of receipt each time a
customer picks up a refill. See the "Proof of Identification" policy.

Example 2

Old policy: Managers maintain the right to limit the number of staff in their
departments taking vacation at any time.

A manager is thought to be playing favorites because while she's been turning
down vacation requests, her counterpart in the next department has approved all
his staff's vacation requests. Staff want to know why.

New policy: Staff must apply for vacation leave in advance of taking those days.

Intent: To allow managers to schedule staff vacations in a way that maintains
efficient departmental operations during high-demand vacation times.

1. Submit your request for vacation days between June 1st and August 31st by
April 30th. Managers must circulate a form to their staff by April 10th.
Note: In the case of conflicting vacation requests received by deadline,
managers will prioritize requests by staff seniority level.
2. Once your vacation request has been approved, do ... blah blah ...
3. Complete your timesheet with the appropriate code. This code is available
from ...

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