Re: Graduate Degree Programs?

Subject: Re: Graduate Degree Programs?
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 15:38:05 -0700

> ---> QUESTION: Does a graduate degree really *improve* the
> possibility of
> securing a telecommuting postion,

In my experience, nope. I have a Masters in English and almost 20 years of
experience but 98% of the time I still get frowns and "yes, it would be
nice, but we really can't do that" when working from home comes up. That's
contract and salaried positions both. My last contracting job was almost
entirely at home, and that was a delight, but it's been the only one in all
this time. My present job I do work at home occasionally, but I only get
away with it right around deadline time. (Better to work straight thru at
home than waste time in the commute, etc.)

Maybe the thing to do is take one of those great offers and eventually find
a way to bend company policy. Once they know and value you, some flexibility
may be possible. In that line, I'd also say pick the company with the best
attitude toward flex time and casual clothes; odds are they'll be more open
to other variations.


Maggie Secara
secaram -at- mainsaver -dot- com

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