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Subject: Re: Word Master Documents
From: Bonnie Granat <bgranat -at- PTC -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 11:20:52 -0400

Create a new Word template that includes all the components you use in books, such
as Title Page, TOC, Preface, Chapters (include at least 7 in the template),
Appendixes, Glossary, Index.

Separate each component by an odd-page section break. Doing this allows you to set
the numbering for each chapter (Format Page Number) in the footers. Use fields to
capture headings in the headers/footers.

What you have is one long skeleton document that Word can handle. Save this
document as a Word template with the extension .dot. Create a new document that
uses this newly created template.

You then either drag the text from the original documents into the new document
created with your new template or import the files into the document. What you
need to be careful of if you drag text is not to drag more than the text itself.
For example, if you drag more than one page, all the footers and headers in the
original document will be dragged also and you'll find a mess in the new document.

slm5v wrote:

> Hello again!
> It seems I've been getting the same type of response, and a lot of them,
> regarding Master Docs in Word-- IT'S BUGGY! DON'T USE!
> The problem is that leaving the documents in their respective chapters is
> difficult, as I need to bring them together for purposes of consistency in the
> headers, footers, page numbering and paragraph numbering (lots of paragraph
> numbering--many different header levels!).
> I appreciate all the warnings about Master Docs, but are there any possible
> alternatives to dealing with each of the documents one-on-one?
> Thanks again!
> Graham
> "Into each life some rain must fall--what I wouldn't give for an umbrella."
> --me.
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