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Subject: Re: Hyphenation
From: Donald Le Vie <dlevie -at- VLINE -dot- NET>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 10:38:41 -0500

This blurb on hyphens and compound words is from "Science and Technical
Writing: A Manual of Style" edited by Philip Rubens...

Compound words, in general, are treated as one word, a hypenated word, or
two words. Compound words tend to become single words. This trend can be
seen in computer terminology (database instead of data base; workstation
instead of work station).

General Guidelines
1. Hyphenate "self-" and "quasi-" words
2. Do not hyphenate "non, de, extra, re, over, and pseudo"
3. If a word does not appear in any reference source as one word, use two
words and do not hyphenate unless these words are a unit modifier, a
temporary compound formed by adjectives preceding a noun

The nonhyphenation trend extends to such words as "reentry," reexamine," and
"reexpose." However, use hyphens when not using one changes a term's meaning
(for example, "recreation" versus "re-creation").

No doubt, everyone can come back with their own "rules" on hyphenation. The
RIGHT solution is the the one that's RIGHT for YOUR company. Put it in the
style guide and refer others to the style guide when they have to question
it and cite your sources...that way, you don't waste hours in discourse with
people who have just enough knowledge of grammar to be dangerous...

Donn Le Vie
Integrated Concepts

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> Dear List:
> I saw a recent post about on-line vs. online. I've always used online,
> but
> recently have been called on it (it's presented in Websters as on-line).
> It makes me question whether the way I've been spelling these types of
> words correctly. May I share a few of the words in question and ask your
> opinions? If anyone knows of a document that lists the correct spelling
> method, I'd like to see it.
> on-line vs online and off-line vs offline
> sub-system vs subsystem
> pull-down menu vs pulldown menu
> Thanks,
> Joy Owen
> Technical Writer
> Computer Sciences Corporation
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