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From: "Halter, Meg" <HalterMC -at- NAVAIR -dot- NAVY -dot- MIL>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 09:13:13 -0700

Hi Henry --

You might want to look into Conversions Plus by Dataviz. With this
application you can read and write Mac floppies on you PC. It also offers a
conversion utility between many Mac applications and PC applications. I've
been using it for years and have been delighted with it.

Microwarehouse carries it for just under $100 and they will ship overnight
(for an extra fee!). No doubt there are slightly better prices elsewhere.

Don't know if this will help with this situation, what with your deadline,
but it is a great tool to have laying around when these things happen.

-- Meg
haltermc -at- navair -dot- navy -dot- mil

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Subject: Re: mac conversion

Laurie and others asked these questions re. the file

>What kind of Mac graphics?
>What program was used to create them?
>What type of file format were they saved in?

The problem is that I cannot even read the disk to find out what
formats they are in. The graphic artist is off on holidays, who
where, and the disks were dumped on my desk.

But thanks for the suggestions. I may resort to scanning the hard
copy or
push back the deadline to wait until the GA can be contacted.


Henry Vandelinde, Ph.D.
vandelinde -at- wordtek -dot- com
Web: http://wordtek.com

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