Re: Desperately seeking employment...

Subject: Re: Desperately seeking employment...
From: Beth Mason <beth -dot- mason -at- MANTECH -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 09:01:27 -0400

I'm new to the list--hi, everybody!

I have to chime in, though, on Andrew's advice for Beth to lie on her resume. This is really bad advice. Not only would she have the added stress of worrying about being found out (on top of the stress of a new job), but most companies would fire her on the spot if they *did* find out. Lying on a resume or application is no small deal.

Now weasel-wording it to say you had X number of years' experience in school is another matter, as long as it's clear it was in school.

(another) Beth

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>>> Marilynne Smith <marilyns -at- QUALCOMM -dot- COM> 07/13 8:13 PM >>>
Sorry Andrew, I would not recommend her taking this advice. To start your
career lying about what you have done, just isn't good. She'll find a job
without it and she can hold her head up.


At 04:38 PM 7/13/99 , Andrew Plato wrote:
>Have you tried lying?

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