Graphics Disappearing in Word '97 for NT

Subject: Graphics Disappearing in Word '97 for NT
From: Beth Moorehead <emoorehead -at- BOLDTECH -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 15:49:37 -0600


I've searched the archives, and none of the previous posts I found directly
addressed the problems I'm having, though I tried some of the suggestions
(like deselecting the Float over Text check box) for keeping graphics in
place in Word '97.

My system: Word '97 for NT with embedded Visio graphics. The file is 29
pages, with 18 graphics (mostly UML diagrams).

My problems:

1) Word randomly "tucks" graphics underneath the text, leaving a small
sliver of the graphic still showing. I can select the graphic, and using
'right click'|Format Picture|Position tab I've been able to choose the Float
over Text check box to make my graphics "reappear" again. However, when I
reposition my graphics, I must leave the Float over Text option on, because
when I turn it off my graphic jumps to a new and immovable position on the
page (usually outside the margins). Result now: the graphics don't stay in
place, and the text and graphics have become separated from one another,
meaning that the graphic doesn't maintain its place in the file next to its
caption. I've tried the Lock Anchor and the Move Object with Text check

2) Some of my graphic files have disappeared from the document.

3) When I save, close, and reopen my document, graphics are moved or missing
each time. When I go back into the Format Picture box for graphics I know I
have previously "fixed," the options I chose are gone.

How can I fix this? What is causing it so that I can keep it from happening


Elizabeth Moorehead
BoldTech Systems, Inc.
1675 Larimer Street, Suite 460
Denver, CO 80202
303.629.9206 Ext. 2666

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